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About techniques (extracts from the interview)

Question: While watching you play “La Maja de Goya” and “Torre Bermeja”, I was impressed with such stunning technique, but also your talent to draw such emotion from your guitar. Do you intuitively know when you’re technique has evolved to the point where the emotions surface and overcome the studied musicality? Does it feel magical to you or does it simply feel like you’ve reached some satisfactory musical goal?

Dmitry Nilov: Thank you very much for your compliment! Of course, I know it somehow. However, it is only one stage of work with a piece of music, when you are in the process of searching and selecting diamonds from the ore. Then you need to cut and polish them. This process includes the quest of necessary timbre, warm or cold. Usually it takes much effort and time. In contrast to a cut diamond, your result cannot be the same as it was in your imagination. It is very hard to perform and it depends on everything: acoustics, temperature and humidity, soffits, strings, your condition and mood, temperature of your body etcetera. A guitar is a very naughty instrument; tune, dynamics and attack can change very quickly.

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